Reverting to Mojave from Catalina

Just wondering if anyone has done this? I did a clean install of Catalina, assuming this would solve the issues, but the OS has been a nightmare. There appear to be kernel issues that still have not been fixed in 10.15.4. One blog hinted that this is the last Catalina release and they’re looking to push v16.

At the moment Catalina seems unworkable. I find using exchange for Office365 causes the CPU to go up to over 300% usage and have to disconnect it. Constant freezes and quite a few restarts telling me there’s been a problem.

I’m wondering if at this stage going back to Mojave is a smart move? Would be interested on what others think in the same position.

I"m still using Mojave (10.14.6). It works just fine. I decided not to move to Catalina for now and may skip it entirely.

I have a ton of AppleScripts that manage my iTunes library that will have to be converted and tested to use Music (iTunes went away). The brilliant folks at Apple decided not to give us a grace period as they did with iPhoto move to Photo(you could have both running).

But it was also a risk vs reward. There really wasn’t anything in Catalina that I find I want that I can’t do with Mojave. Apple is still updating security stuff for Mojave.


Thank @teefers

The other question is how complex it will be to get back to Mojave.

It would probably have to be another “clean Install”, I would probably set up a bootable USB install drive.

You can download Mojave here:

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It’s not the OS. It’s the apps you use.

What’s “Exchange for Office365” ?

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Connecting a business email or a calendar on a mac with Office365 automatically uses an Exchange setup which accesses an MS Exchange Server.

Neither problems here on my side with Apple Mail nor Outlook for Mac with an O365 business email address I am using daily for my job.

Thanks Jannis. Mine is reproducible on my system. As soon as I activate my fans start whirring. Maybe a different model mac. My bluetooth also only works half the time on Catalina, which others have also reported. The last OS update included some fix for exchange so I’ll take another look.

Considering the internet is awash with recognised problems with Catalina, I doubt it’s purely my other installed apps. A search of the internet and apple communities shows many people with similar issues. Many respected sites are all saying Catalina is problematic on many machines.

Yeah, I am not saying that you don’t have problems :wink:

Just wanted to mention there are users not having them.

Also looking forward to 10.16 :+1:


I have to agree with @instacks. There seems to be a problem with accessing Exchange Server on Catalina and there are certainly a number of programs which don’t work (mostly 32-bit ones which should have been replaced years ago) but these really are application problems rather than a MacOS problem. The only reason I’m still using Office 365 (which works fine for me) is that I forgot to stop the subscription renewal. The Google equivalents are better for most purposes and free.

Bluetooth constantly disconnecting, emails missing and kernel issues have been reported by many users.

My assumption is that Catalina is impacting some systems and not others. I suspect older hardware is having more issues.

In comparison, after a clean install with only 50% of my apps installed on Catalina it is far more problematic than Mojave with the same set of apps. I had no crashes in Mojave. I frequently find my system has restarted citing an error and getting one to two screen freezes every two weeks where no input is accepted. My concern is the damage this will do to my hard disks hence this thread.

I’m really glad some of you are not experiencing any issues. My confidence in Apple is reducing with each new release. Catalina has every hallmark of Windows ME which was a great disaster.

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I believe I have found a solution not requiring me to downgrade. I came across an article that said resetting the NVRAM and PRAM could solve Catalina issues.

So I followed these instructions.

I have since re-enabled Office365 and bluetooth with no issues so far. I did this about 2 days ago. Hope this has fixed it.

I just thought I’d post the solution here for other users who might be experiencing similar issues.


It’s amazing what happens when you go back to the basics of your computer. I solve people’s Mac problems as a sideline, most are that simple. Hope it, and you stay well. Steve

Thanks Steve,

I had incorrectly assumed that since I did a clean install of Catalina, I would not need to reset the NVRAM and PRAM, but this does seem to have solved many of the issues.

Well that didn’t last long!

Accoundsd is now beginning to slow the imac. CPU usage rapidly climbing to over 200%. If I close mail or remove Office365 the problem goes away.

Bah humbug Apple & MS!

I am not using Apple Mail for the Exchange Mailbox. I am using Outlook for Mac.

With this, the process Accoundsd is not at all running.

Here is a screenshot of my settings. Try to use Outlook instead of Apple Mail, maybe this helps as workaround.

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Yes, I can get that to work, but Outlook sucks and doesn’t integrate well with the mac eco system. It is a work around, so thank you, but I really would like it to work with

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sorry you’re having issues. have been on catalina since the betas, and continue to use rapidweaver, etc without issue.

i lost 5 album covers when i migrated from mojave (in ‘music’); replaced them, and all is well. you’re having very specific issues… check out the apple forums, or macrumors catalina forum (for example) if you want to get OS-specific help. good luck with this!

I’d like to see if anyone using the to connect to Office365 is experiencing the same issue? It works fine with Outlook.