Mac OS Rant: why upgrade? (Updated)

This has probably been covered before, but…

Before I start to rant, I should say that I have a MacBook Air without a retina display.

EDIT: so I’m not even sure how upgrades will work on a non-retina display. If youve upgraded to Mojave or higher with a non-retina display, I’d like to know how it worked out for you.

I’ve been running High Sierra since its first dot release. Generally it’s been pretty easy.

I tried Mojave, and it seemed ok, but it really drove me nuts nagging me to update to Catalina.

So today I thought; why not Catalina? I’ll probably have to have it some time, even if it’s when I upgrade my machine in a few years. But then…eventually Catalina will start nagging me to update to Big Sur.

I know this is a tiny little quibble, but why can’t Apple just let us make our own choices?

Still growling,

As an apple user since the Mac was invented and an ex-Apple employee its easier to maintain security if people keep up to date with the OS. This is why the constant push to the latest version of the OS. Right or wrong its the way they deal with it. On the windows side I still have current clients trying to keep XP running god knows why.


Catalina is the latest and only version you will get to upgrade:

So if you buy a new one in the future, it will have Big Sur on it.

Problem solved :wink:

My point was that eventually I’ll start getting nagged to install Big Sur. And I would like not to be. It’s nitpicking, yes – that’s why I acknowledge I’m ranting here.

Another point that I didn’t get to though – where does it stop? When there’s a new Mac OS that my current machine won’t run, will I keep getting nagged to install it? At that point it seems to be more about driving hardware sales than about security.

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Hi, @douga,

I am not sure what is the nature of your problem. How is your Mac “nagging” you to upgrade to Catalina? Perhaps your Software Update settings could be changed?

My Mac does not force me or even nag me to upgrade. I am running Mojave and I don’t intend to go anywhere near Catalina. Here’s how my Software Update is set up:

First of all, I never allow automatic updates. Any computer function set to an “autopilot” is a potential for danger. When there are any updates besides Catalina – like Safari, Security Updates, etc. – I get them simply by clicking More Info… and selecting them from there. It’s that simple. I get only what I want and no “nagging”.


Perhaps “nagging” is too strong a word. Like you, I disable automatic updates - but I continually get banner notifications that “<The_Next_OS> is ready to deploy”, and I find that annoying. This happens in Mojave even if I have automatic updates turned off…

This kind of stuff never happened with Linux :grin:

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If you want have a look here about turning of banner notifications for macOS updates,


Thanks. I did do that on High Sierra, but I can’t seem to find that bundle on Mojave. I’ll try some of the other steps in the article, though.

Thanks again!