Simple video lightbox stack

I used to use SymfoniP’s neat lightbox stack to display Vimeo files on a page. In general, there are two short Vimeo files references on each page of this site:, in the Film tab. You can see an example on this page, although of course the lightbox effect is absent:

At the moment it simply links to the Vimeo page, which is clunky. It used to pop up as a lightbox with an option to enlarge; all I had to do was add the stack to the page for all the links to show up correctly. I’m hoping that someone might have made a similar stack which does the same, as I’m not relishing the idea of trawling through every single page of the site and assigning each video link its own code.

Something like this - - would probably work well. And it’s dead easy to use.


Thanks Rob: I’ll check it out.

It’s been pointed out to me that the old system is still working on this page: If you click on any of the images, the film launches in a lightbox stack which can be expanded to full size or left as it is. This is what I’d like to find a way of doing. I want to use the fixed image to launch the video rather than a random image from the video itself. The SymfoniP stack I used simply needed to be added to the page for this all to click into place, and as you can see there are a LOT of pages I will have to change if there is no direct replacement.