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(kelly nixon) #1

I’m looking for a good video stack where I can enter the code for a you tube video and then also choose a cover poster image! I can’t seem to find this option anywhere and have brought quite a few video stacks in the process! Does anybody have one that can do this? Or do I need to go back to the video guy and get him to upload the video again with a different cover image?

(Neil Egginton) #2

I recently used Limelight for exactly what you’re trying to achieve. The reason I used it was that YouTube loads a load a code (almost 1mb) if you just embed the video on the page. Limelight allows you to use an image as the launcher (put an image stack inside the Limelight launcher). When users click on the image to view the video, it opens in a lightbox.

It works really well and saves loading all the YouTube script on page load.

(kelly nixon) #3

Love it… Thanks @NeilUK. I already have Limelight and completely overlooked it. Works a treat, thank you.

(Mary Delton) #4

Does Limelight also prevent you tube from displaying a grid of other videos to watch when your video finishes playing?


(Neil Egginton) #5

Yes, it does prevent that. It can also hide the usual controls too. The screenshot is the settings I’m using.


(chuck berhain) #6

I use Video Plus which works well in my project.
If I remember correctly it has the setting to prevent the display of other videos somewhere during setup BUT I forget if that may be done within YouTube?
I also agree Limelight is excellent.

(Joe Workman) #7

You can provide custom poster images inside YouTube. I do it all the time. No need to reupload anything.

(Mary Delton) #8

@NeilUK Thanks for the suggestion of Lightbox. I got it and have finally figured out how to use it on my site for the video. It works great!

Thanks again,


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