Root for Brazil! Save 25% off all stacks if Brazil wins against Mexico

(Joe Workman) #1

Root for Brazil! Save 25% off all stacks if Brazil wins against Mexico

25% When Brazil Wins

I have really been into the World Cup this year. Its really been a great tournament so far. Who would have thought that Russia would have knocked Spain out today!?!?

The US isn’t in the tournamnet this year. But you may know that my wife is from Brazil and I lived there for a while. So Braizl has my full support. I thought that it would be fun to do something different this year. If Brazil wins their match against Mexico, I will do a 25% off my entire store!

Get up to 40% Off

I am not stopping there. For every match that Brazil wins after that, I will increase the discount by 5%. This means that if Brazil readches the finals, you can get 40% off! However, if Brazil loses, the sale will be over, immediately after the match they lose. Its up to you to decide when to buy. Wait too long and you could lose out.
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Chillidog rooting for Mexico?!?

I was recording the next episode of Weaver Radio podcast today with Greg and he threw down a challenge. If Mexico wins against Brazil, he will give 25% off his entire store! GAME ON GREG!
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Discount codes will be sent after the game


This is all in good fun my Mexican friends. If you were going against any other team, you would have my full support. Your game against Germany was awesome! I am sure that you are proud.

I have had a side project building a website for the World Cup. Check it out and share it with your friends.


Our new website is coming along. I cannot wait to share it with the world. So many amazing things coming to the RapidWeaver community in 2018… RapidWeaver 8, Stacks 4 and an all new Weaver’s Space.

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

I don’t know that I need to buy anything new … but I LOVE this idea for a sale! Congrats to Joe and Greg. Sounds fantastic.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

I would chime in with Germany :de: - but we are out :cry:


(Joe Workman) #4

BRAZIL WINS!!! Get your 25% off discount now with the code Brazil2018

(Joel Fletcher) #5

Great that Brazil won! Can I get the discount on the foundation bundle? I can’t see a way to add the discount code.

(Doug Bennett) #6

You enter the discount code just before you enter the payment info.

(Joel Fletcher) #7

Ah, I see. Thanks Doug. I have been interested in trying out Foundation for a while. This discount was a good motivator to buy the bundle!

(Joe Workman) #8

I just wanted to let everyone know that Chillidog has decided to also do a 15% off sale until Sunday as well. Same discount code: Brazil2018

(Joe Workman) #9

Oh no! Brazil is down 2-0 right now. Remind that my sale ends if Brazil loses. Get 25% off with the discount code “Brazil2018”

(Rob Beattie) #10

That’s a high pressure sales tactic Joe…I’m going to report you to the EU!

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #11

I love your work Joe, stacks, but I hope that my country of origin, Belgium, wins!

(Joe Workman) #12

Congratulations to Belgium for their first trip to the Semifinals in recent memory! Since technically Brazil did score 2 goals and Belgium only 1, I will keep that sale going for another 24 hours. Good luck to Belgium vs. France next week!

(Hans) #13

Go Belgium :sunglasses:

(Simon) #14

How did you work that out with a 2-1 result for Belgium?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #15

Because Brasilia shot an own goal :goal_net: :wink:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #16

Well, I do not share your opinion that technically Brazil scored 2 goals and Belgium only 1, but hey, if it’s a relief we’ll assume that technically Brazil will win the world cup. 6 stars!

(Joe Workman) #17

I was only playing around for fun. Please don’t take this personally. Brazil did score an own goal, hence why I mentioned that they scored 2 goals. It really does not matter. I wish Belgium all the best. They are a good team.

(system) #18

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