RapidWeaver Central Christmas Giveaway

More than $5000 worth of prizes — and climbing!

Once again we bring you our world famous Christmas Giveaway where RapidWeaver developers gather together to offer you this festive opportunity to win hundreds of great prizes — see the list below. In recent years these prizes have totalled thousands of dollars… and this year is no different.

Except that this year is different.

This year we’re adding a new dimension to our competition by asking you to vote for your favourite theme, stack, plugin and developer of the year. As usual the results will be broadcast live during the Superbowl and beamed around the world by satellite.

Vote now — and remember, you can make a difference.

Here are some of the great prizes to be won:

Competition and voting ends Midnight GMT 27th December 2015. Please note that only one entry per IP is allowed, double entries will be disqualified, all decisions are final, and no dialogue will be entered into. Also that RapidWeaver Central is not responsible for, or associated with, anything approximating reality.


Great initiative :+1:, and thanks to the developers who contributed!

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Sigh…I continually get an error message that the captcha values do not match.

Thanks for putting together this Giveaway @Marten_Claridge! Not going to lie…it’s kinda exciting!

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Form gave an error message that something contains a previously submitted form, but not by me, so not sure what si going on.


Muwahahaha, my evil plan is working! Now I’m going to win it all! :wink:

Just kidding, I hope you get it figured out.

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@Slavi @garageshop

Try emptying your browser cache and refreshing the page. You can also refresh the captcha if the first one doesn’t work for you. If you still have issues, message me here with your details and I’ll submit them manually.


Its AMAZING what you have put together there @Marten_Claridge

THANK YOU for everything you do for the RW Community. You work tirelessly on behalf of Weavers everywhere and you deserve our gratitude for being the finest ambassador for the user we could hope for. Not sure about that Angus guy though :wink:

Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year, when it comes.


What Kryten said. I visit your site all the time, and sometimes its just for the excellent humor. :slight_smile:

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I have to agree as well. Thank you

@kryten, @Bioguy, @EricW, @lynnnight, @garyp,

Thanks, guys, and you’re welcome!

(Sorry about MacPheep, @kryten, he was on day-release that day and forgot to take his medication. I hope your grandmother wasn’t too upset and that her poodle has since recovered.)


Competition and voting has now closed.

Thankyou for taking part.



So very excited to see the top developers, the top products and the winners :slight_smile: February is a loooonnnnggggg way away lol

Incase anyone missed it in the site page, the announcements will be made during the 2016 Super Bowl (50th)… February 7, 2016. Like anyone is going be checking their email… HA! :heart_eyes:



February? We thought the Supper Bowl was in January — but then we don’t really follow basketball. :wink:

Anyway, we should have the results and competition winners sorted before then. First, though, we need a volunteer to step forward and choose the winning numbers.

Thanks, Brad, appreciated. :grin: Please go here and randomise a set of winning numbers — as per the image below — and then post them here for everyone to see.

As you can see, there are 142 prizes and 200 entrants. Even I feel lucky! :wink:





Basketball? I thought it was a Fishing Derby??? lol

Using numbers in image I get the following results…

Good luck everyone, I hope your dream wish list comes true and Thank you again Marten for making this possible as well as all the Developers that submitted prizes.


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Okay, folks, all the winners have now been notified and the developers will likely respond with the prizes tomorrow if they haven’t done so already.

A big THANKYOU to all the developers who took part.

The results of the RapidWeaver Central Best of The Year Awards will be published here in due course.



Does anyone have information regarding RWCentral? I just ordered a plugin from them on line and paid with PayPal. The payment went through but I never got the plugin or download. I have purchased a lot of third party stacks and quickly got the product. I have sent them an email on their site no response. Should I cancel PayPal? Rooster

I bought their bigfoot suite not too long ago and it came immediately. They were pretty quick to respond to a question as well. Not sure when you sent the email (or where from) but I think he’s in the UK so the response delay might just be a time zone thing.

@Marten_Claridge is a good guy, you don’t need to worry. It is however the middle of the night here in the UK and only nutters like me are awake. I’m sure he will get back to you in the morning.


thx tav…i usually don’t use paypal and that was the only option…so good to hear!