Weaver's Space Black Friday! 40% off everything when you purchase Foundation 6


I announced Foundation 6 just over 24 hours ago. The reception has been amazing! As a special thank you to everyone that purchased Foundation 6, I am offering a special 40% discount on my entire store. This discount will be good for the entire Black Friday weekend.

If you have not purchased Foundation 6 yet, you can still qualify for this Black Friday deal by simply upgrading to Foundation 6 today. Once you purchase F6, you will receive an email with the special discount code.

The Black Friday discount is only available to users that have purchased Foundation 6. If you have already purchased Foundation 6, you should have already received and email with the discount information.

Huge thank you to those that have already purchased Foundation 6. I hope that you are enjoying it so far.

Have a wonderful weekend. Go out there and make something great!


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:cry: It you are not Foundation 6 , then NO black Friday deal at ALL ! :cry: while others stacks vendors are offering up to 50% discount onto everything !

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I have figured this is no longer a fight I want to be in, think what you want.

I have to admit, when I saw the details of that “sale” I laughed out loud :grin: Maybe the developers that have no Black Friday sale will have a Cyber Monday sale “fingers crossed”.

True, but other developers like Stacks4Stacks are not only offering a discount, but also giving away some stacks for free, some of which are brand new stacks like their neon text stack. The developers that don’t have any discounts simply won’t get my money today. Unfortunately my budget is small and I focus on what best helps my site to become better. I figure you’ll have the other 364 days of the year to think about buying from the developers who didn’t discount :slightly_smiling_face:

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Joe also offers a new deep discount on one of his stacks each week all throughout the year (while others offer none at all :cry:) . Everyone has their own business model


I have figured this is no longer a fight I want to be in, think what you want.

That’s it. It’s marketing, getting you to buy something, a lot of times whether need or want it or not.

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Foundation 6 is a game changer. Well worth the price of entry, IMHO. Perfectly reasonable for Joe to restrict the BF discounts to F6 purchasers, If he chooses, especially since he’s been very generous with his upgrade policy.

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” - John Lydgate

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Does Foundation 6 peacefully co-exist with the older version and sites created with the older version?

Will Foundation 6 override my Foundation 1 stacks?
Foundation 6 will install as a completely new stack set. Therefore, Foundation 1 & 6 will happily live inside RapidWeaver together.

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hey @joeworkman - I’ve bought Foundation 6 just an hour ago and haven’t received a discount code. I would like to use it right away for something else, can you doublecheck and have it sent to me? Thank you!

I got you sorted over email. :+1:

Today is the last day of the Black Friday sale. Just wanted to let everyone know… :slight_smile:

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