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RSS feeds are a great way to display lists of information on websites. There are a few great RSS stacks out there, but we noticed that many of them are limited to a small amount of data and confined to a single layout / style. Each RSS feed contains different data, and should be able to be displayed in a different way. This is why we created RSS Architect.

RSS Architect provides you with an incredibly well-organized data-snapshot of any RSS Feed, and then comes with a bunch of useful tools for you to create your very own RSS Feed template! :partying_face:

No more limitations to data, and no more lack of customization.

With RSSA, you become the Architect of your Feed. :construction_worker_man:

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Hi! I am excited that this new RSS stack is out. I bought it and try to use it. But somehow I must have missed something.
I tested it with the Example RW file that came with the RSS Architect: The import of the Guardian news items is working. When I exchange the RSS link to “The Guardian” with the link to “BBC” that I fetched from the internet I see nothing from the BBC news. Something can’t be right here.

Unfortunately, I do not get a response from Weavium (sent July 25). So I am posting it here, maybe there is someone who owns the new “RSS Architect” stack and can help me.

I am frustrated. Since January, when Yahoo made the changes that destroyed the RSS import of my previous stack, I purchased several RSS stacks and none of them are working for me. I fear this might be another one. Is there help for me?

My mail to Weavium:
I purchased your new RSS Architect stack a few days ago. But I can’t get it to work properly with my RSS link.
_What I want to do is to import my own blog into the home page of for example this website: _
Currently I am using the Feed stack from Yuzoolthemes. Since I can’t control the number of news items that I want to show, and also because there are limits with regard to formatting, I bought your new stack.
My RSS feed is this:
I want to see the following for each news item:
Photo - title
certain amount of text (e.g. 3 lines)
_And that in 2 columns, with 3 items each. _

_But I am all confused about what to put where. So far, I haven’t been able to import anything from the news item. I know it sounds stupid that I can’t figure this out. _
_I would appreciate your help. _

@Franz I’m a newbie. I’m currently using RSS Architect. This is what I have been able to do so far on my site.

Thanks. You are more successful than I am in getting this stack working…!

Re: BBC RSS feed - remember the BBC is predominantly EU / state funded / license fee funded. The content may not be available to view outside of the UK. That includes things like their news websites and RSS feeds. Typically the ‘World Service’ branded content works okay anywhere, but geographic-specific content is often subject to quite stringent viewing limitations.

Your RSS feed passes validation. But I note it contains <content:encoded> tags for the content, instead of more commonly used <description> tags. Nothing seriously wrong with that, but it is less-common and something which may confuse some RSS readers not yet updated for RSS v2.

I tested your RSS feed in my Newsroom stack. I had to toggle-on the Content:Encoded option, instead of regular descriptions. Then all your content displayed perfectly in a simple bulleted list. I suspect it would work just the same in the other content layouts offered in the stack, like columns, tables and shadow boxes.

To set a clamp limit of 3 lines on your descriptions, you could try this CSS code:

.newsroom_content_encoded {
  overflow: hidden;
  display: -webkit-box !important;
  -webkit-line-clamp: 3;
  -webkit-box-orient: vertical;

Though I am of the opinion that it may be wasteful to load lots of content, only to hide it again. It may work better to adjust the RSS output at source, to reduce the size of excerpts. Certainly feasible in Wordpress and other blogging tools without too much effort.

To avoid derailing this announcement onto a discussion about other RSS stacks, I’ll refrain from posting any more information or links relating to my stack and leave you to search for the Newsroom stack yourself, (if its something you want to try).


Hi there,

I think that you might have been confused with the concept of RSS Architect. It’s not possible to simply swap an RSS Feed and get the same results. RSS Architect is meant for creating your own custom template for an RSS Feed. If two feeds don’t have the same data (e.g. Title, Description, Image), then they cannot be displayed in the same way.

I recommend that you follow our tutorial on youtube to create your own template using the BBC news feed.

You can find the tutorial here:

I hope this helps.

Dear Will,
I appreciate your help, thank you! I have downloaded your newsroom stack. When I use the CSS code you sent the picture is missing. Is it possible to get the picture shown while being able to adjust the number of lines of the text shown? That would be excellent.
I am also looking for a way to have the blog entries imported and shown in 2 colums. None of my column stacks seem to work with the newsroom stack to get free flowing text between column 1 and 2.
Thanks again…

Hi there at Weavim,
thank you for your reply. After I had written yesterday’s plea for help I discovered your very helpful video tutorial. I was able to get the german RSS feed of “Der Spiegel” to import title, description and picture. Great.
However, when I try to import my own RW blog, I am not that successful. All I manage to import is decoded. And the photo is not visible as graphics, either.
What have I overlooked?
Here is the blog RSS that I want to import with the stack:
Thanks for your support.

Hi there,

You need to use the TEXT/HTML stack and set the content type to HTML code (From attribute) in order for the content and images to display. I was able to get it working just fine. Here are some screenshots:


This should get your content text with the images showing properly.

I hope this helps. Sorry for the slow reply, the forums is not a place that I visit often. For some reason the notifications arrive very slowly to my email.

Hello Wivium team,

thank you for your reply. That is excellent!

Now I am looking for a way to limit the imported text for each news item to five lines or whatever. And for a way to present the blog in two columns, with free flowing text from one column to the other. That would meet my requirements optimally.

Thanks for your help.


Franz Rathmair | Mobil: +43 650 53 46 175 | Web:

Is there a simple way to open the links in a new window?

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