RSS feed stack that actually works?

Hey guys!
I just need a very simple RSS feed stack for just displaying our latest blog posts from our blog.

Displaying plain text is enough here.

Searched around a bit but many of the ones I find on the official RW Community site do not work anymore or have been discontinued.

Any ideas?

Try the free demo of:

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Thanks I’ll check it out right away :smiley_cat::muscle::white_check_mark:

Seems to be working great but I can’t seem to be able to purchase it… Any other link that works?

I tag @willwood to see if there is a problem on his site with purchasing. I think it is a problem on his site, it will work soon again. He is very reliable and offers good advice and support.


Awesome thanks​:smiley_cat::+1:

Yes, something seems to be wrong with S4S site. Hopefully, @willwood is going to fix it shortly.

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Works now :smiley_cat:

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