RW 5.4 Flickering in preview

Hello all. I run a website Recently I ran it on a Mac up to Mojave.Foolishly I upgraded to Mac Catalina and realised my mistake because with dictatorial ease Apple decided that they would no longer do 32 bit and I lost a host of 32 bit apps including RW 5.4 so I could no longer manage my website. Anyway, I have managed to get rid of Catalina, I hope they burn it ! And, I have reinstalled Mojave which gives me back my 32 bit. Except when I put the website up for amendment in the preview mode you have two options at the bottom of the website page Edit and Preview. When I put it in the Edit mode it is quite stable but when I switch it to the Preview mode before uploading the page flickers. Fine I can still upload it in Edit. But the flicker when I check what I have edited in Preview makes it very difficult to Preview my amendments and get the page balance right . I could, of course, upgrade ‘at a price’ from RW 5 to 8, but I understand I would lose contact with my website again and it is complex to do the whole thing over again .And I don’t think that I should have to. RW 5.4 is quite adequate for my purposes .Has any one a solution for this I wonder ? Oh I am not going to burn Catalina just yet, I am waiting for bonfire night so I can do it in style and with accompanying fireworks

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This is a very old version of RW but I believe you can still preview your site in a web browser. Does that flicker as well?


Hi Rob

RW 5.4 has everything I need for my website I don’t need to shell out another £70 for things I will never need, and most upgrades on the web are IMO largely bling . But your reply has given me food for thought .The website its self does not flicker but one loses control of Preview because you cannot scroll when it flickers. But yes, indeed, I can use the published site as preview, but the site is complex and takes all of 6 or 7 minutes to upload and sometimes one has to make several stabs at a minor correction.Yes I will use your method thanks

@vernony-01 The flickering preview bug is a known issue when you try to use older versions of RapidWeaver in newer versions of MacOS. It has been discussed on these forums already. I believe it is because the WebKit rendering engine that older versions of RapidWeaver uses has a graphics issue in newer versions of MacOS. There is no fix - Realmac have discontinued support for these older versions of RapidWeaver.

I think what @robbeattie is saying to you is what happens when you are in edit mode and press the keyboard combination ALT + CMD + P?

Does RapidWeaver 5 give you options to preview your webpage in your normal web browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox?

If so, then that’s your answer. You will have to use your web browser to preview each change you make. No need to export or publish every time. Just use that keyboard shortcut every time you want to see a preview of your webpage. Write it down or make a note of it somewhere for future reference.

Possibly the same keyboard shortcut is listed in the main RapidWeaver menu, under File > Preview Page In. But it is some considerable time since I last used RapidWeaver 5, so cannot tell you if that option is listed in the menu or goes by some other label. Things have been moved around over time.

Of note, this is not a ‘live’ preview that refreshes and updates every time you make a change in RapidWeaver. I suspect you would need to close (CMD + w) the browser window each time you are finished reviewing your changes. Then reopen it again, the next time you want to view your page.

RW 5.4.1 did not have the ability to Preview in Web Browser, so that’s not an option for him.

Your website is very likely not responsive. That means that it displays at a fixed width. When you visit your website on a small screen, like a phone, it will scale the website down and make it very hard to see/use. The ability to build a responsive website so that is displays nicely on all screen sizes is a huge upgrade to website design and you’re missing out.

If you want to continue to use old software, you’re going to have to continue using older versions of OS X. Apple makes changes that break old software. I know 5.4.1 ran fine on Sierra. I don’t know know if it did on High Sierra or later versions.

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See, but unfortunately that old version doesn’t have something you need. It isn’t compatible with the Mac operating system you’re using, which you need. In addition there are a lot of things you probably want, but don’t know it yet, as web design has come a long way since RW v5.


Thanks Adam albeit a bit negative. RW 5.4 worked very well with Mojave, until I moved to Catalina .It has not worked quite so well after I binned Catalina and returned Mojave

It wasn’t meant to be negative at all. It was a serious comment. You’re using an operating system that will not let the version of RW you’re using work correctly. Part of upgrades to software is maintaining compatibility with newer OSes. While that may not seem like an obvious “feature” it is something that a lot of work goes into. And that compatibility is a feature you need in this case.

Like I said, not trying to be negative, just realistic.

Preview worked very well in Mojave but RW 5.4 never worked at all in Catalina, and now it does not work well with Mojave. I am not a great fan of Apple these days although I have always had Macs, since 1998. I have e used RW since 3.1 up to 5.4.1 . My history of using computers goes back to the days when the HD was shaped like a DumBell and you would never believe it, we marvelled that this could hold 32 megabits of information …Whew !
Anyway I am now swayed by must haves to boast about any more. Must have make money for Apple best to think carefully if you need them, not so you can tell your friends that you have them :))

HI thanks for that Rob I will try it next time I have to do an update

regards all and thanks for your advice

I have a very similar problem with RW 6.4 after updating [AARRRHH] to Catalina…Preview flickers madly and I cant save or publish as it either freezes or just hangs…have to force quit and restart computer as an image of my website homepage has frozen to my screen behind the open app’…very frustrating.

It has ‘In my opinion’ of course another half baked upgrade by Apple

I have the same problem, Ida, but I’ve found a way of getting rid of the ‘ghost’ image. Force quit RW6 and once it’s gone, go to Utilities/Activity Monitor/CPU. Type ‘Rap’ (ie the start letters of RapidWeaver) into the search box on the right and then a few things will be found in the CPU with those letters in. If any result contain ‘realmac’ , highlight it, click on the X at the top left and you can force quit the process - and the ghost image will disappear. Still doesn’t help with the flickering. I also can’t edit even a single letter without RW beachballing. Like Vernon, I’ve paid enough for this software over the years - and it seems as if Catalina is causing plenty of problems in RW8 too, so what’s the point in upgrading to it?

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Thanks so much for your reply…I have ignored it for a while for the sake of sanity!! :wink: but will get back to it and try your suggestion.
Many Thanks,