Preview problem with Rapidweaver version 5.4.1

The Preview function in RW 5.4.1 (14041) has stopped working. When I click on the preview slider at the bottom of the screen, a small dialog box pops u with the message like “Exporting xxxx” where xxxx is the name of the page being previewed. For instance “Exporting Home Page”. Then that dialog box disappears, then it pops up again. That sequence repeats until I go back to edit mode. The problem occurs for any and all pages that I try to Preview.

I have an iMac running High Sierra version 10.13.2.

RW5 isn’t fully compatible with High Sierra. You would have to update to RW7.


If you decide to upgrade, there’s an article to guide you through the upgrade process from RW 5 to RW 7


At the moment I have no problems using RW 5.4.1. with High Sierra. I still need them for two customers still using RW-5-plugins. I can open them, have no problems with preview etc. But problems are coming up with the next macOS update as 32bit apps are no longer supported. RW 5 is 32bit

The problem upgrading from V5 to V7 will be caused by some plugins that are not supported by RW 6 and 7

The preview problem with high Sierra I believe only occurs if you’re using the new file system APFS. Unfortunately if you’re using an SSD you have no choice but to use APFS.

Don’t think so. I use APFS and a SSD. No preview problem

Which plugins are not updated?? Have you contacted the developers or are they no longer developing?? Might have to move onto a new way to do what those plugins do if they are not developing any longer.

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