Don't stop generating preview

(Dominique Renard) #1

When I select the “preview mode”, RW 7,5 generate preview a first time and then continue non stop to generate the same preview. So the screen seems to be “blinking”.

(Rob Beattie) #2

I sometimes find this happens if I’ve done something like dragging a slider or increasing a number by clicking with the mouse multiple times. For me, returning to Edit mode, waiting a moment or two and then Previewing again does the trick.


(steve bee) #3

Preview is broken of late, certainly for complex pages. It just doesn’t seem to have the grunt needed to render the preview, so it just sits there feeling sorry for itself. I’ve almost given up using it and instead preview in Chrome, which does take forever sometimes, but at least it works, and you can perform proper inspections.

I had a play with an RW alternative recently. Instant previews with pages as, or more, complex than those which RW struggles with. It was an absolute joy to use and sped up workflow dramatically.

Hopefully, the RW team will stick a rocket up previews arse in the near future. At the moment RW is starting to feel like MS Windows: groundbreaking when it first launched but now dated and struggling with old systems to meet modern demands, nd starting to look a bit sorry for itself in the face of where the competition is going. Hopefully with v8 RW will have been entirely rebuilt and will be back on top. Certainly in a recent comment, Ben said with v8 the RW team are not at all concerned about said competition, so it’s looking hopeful.

(Gary) #4

@SteveB I also see this issue which has started in the last few months using the RW7.41 and Stacks 3.2x & Stacks 3.5. Large projects that used to preview do not preview anymore even though no changes have been made. I have had to completely redo those sites to split the content into shorter pages and even though RW is still unacceptably slow, they do eventually preview.

Publish to a local folder still frequently creates 900+ files for a 1 character text change. Preview also seems to rebuild the entire page for a 1 character text change. This is not good.

(steve bee) #5

Ya, seeing similar things myself.

What I would say though, is are we the target market for RW? The subject just came up in a discussion I’m having with another “power” user who is seeing the same issues, although didn’t want to break cover. My question there is: is RW really built for the tiny number of us who are using it commercially? I’m guessing the majority of users are building fairly simple sites without the heavy duty stacks a lot of us are now using, and perhaps even without Stacks?

Is this the market that RW is looking after? Fair play if it is. “Power” users most likely make up a tiny percentage of the user base but are by far the most demanding.

The other question, which I’ve often wondered, is why hasn’t RW monitised stacks? If i owned RW, I’d have long since built some sort of stacks app store and make RW ONLY accept stacks via it. Then, I’d charge a commission on sales. Sounds harsh I know, but it would be for the best for the stacks devs in the long run as RW would have the revenue stream to invest in RW, opposed to sales being a one hit wonder.

Oh, and sorry to the Op for the OT comments.

(Gary) #6

3 years ago RW6 + Stacks could satisfy power users and although speed was never impressive, it was workable if you took precautions. Jump 3 years forward to now and are we seeing the progress that you would expect to see in “the best web design software for Mac”?

The 3rd party stacks market has made very significant progress in those 3 years and there has been a lot of innovation that has been a life extender for RW.

It is the 3rd party stacks market that drives RW.

(John S.) #7

It’s happening for me, too. After upgrading to High Sierra, I started having the problem with older versions of RW (5.4.1 and 6… still installed because I’ve been lazy about upgrading old files). But now it’s happening with RW7.5.2 as well. Not sure if it’s a theme issue (something to do with Javascript or something) or a RW issue or a High Sierra issue. Whatever it is… it’s annoying!

The only thing that works is to preview in the browser… but that’s a nuisance when you’re working on a page.

Hope this gets resolved soon!

(LJ) #8

Me too. Preview (7.5.2) slows down over time as I’m working on a project and eventually pretty much gives up. The preview notification keeps repeating itself in the bottom left corner. I resort to restarting my Mac after which (so far) everything speeds up again till next time.

This needs to be addressed - large site construction is bordering on the impossible.

(Aaron Marquez) #9

@manofdogz , @RVgeeks

Sorry to learn you both are experiencing these issues with RW preview. 7.5.2 was released to address this issue with previews looping, etc. That said, we definitely want to squash any current bugs / issues as quickly as possible for you guys.

Does this happen with all page-types? Does it occur with new projects as well?

(klaatu) #10

It happens with new projects.

It happens with Stacks page types.

Why would anyone even think about using another page type? It’s not 1998.

The continuing degradation in RW performance around edit/preview flips, is a significant problem. I am now often using different build methodology for larger, more complicated sites.

This was warned about considerable time ago and has been ignored as far as I can see. No doubt a lot of dev time has been on trying to improve publishing (in vain because I also end up re-publishing 1200 files because I moved a comma).

Unless RW is made more performant it’s not so useful as pro build tool for larger sites, I think.

(Aaron Marquez) #11

Thanks for the feedback!

(David) #12

(LJ) #13

I am mostly working on a large foundation site at present and the problem gets worse the longer I spend on it. Also notice my MB’s fans start running louder when it happens. Eventually the ‘preview’ notification bottom left pops up repeatedly but no changes are shown - even simple ones. At present it is just a change of colour in a header background that won’t preview. So it seems to be an accumulative thing which is cured only by rebooting RW.

(steve bee) #14

Almost identical for me too. I’ve stopped using preview now, publishing changes and “previewing” live is faster!