Map2 Stack does not work with RW7

How to fix Map2 in RW7, have tried it with couple of different themes, still does not work it gives an error message
(This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.)

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@monica See this post :

Also to cut a long story short, Check for stack updates (update Map 2) then revisit the Map 2 demo page, and look at the FAQ section for how to get and assign your Google maps api key :

Thank you Doobox team, I will read it!

Anyone else having a nightmare getting API key? Google error message pops up every time with ‘there is a problem at our end…please send feedback if it persists’

Hi, when I’ve got my API Key I had no issues, just logged in into my google account and got the key!.. best of luck!

Got there in the end - just a blip with G servers. One thing I don’t get is that of all the sites I have with a map, only one had stopped working. I was expecting to have to set up APIs for 18 sites but so far have only needed to do one. Any idea why this might be?

I have added API keys to a few of my sites. Some worked and some didn’t. I get a message to check Errors in the Java console which tells me nothing.

All sites without a key still work but I am expecting the eventual calls any day. This is far too much hassle so I am abandoning all Google Maps and just adding a button link directly to GM. If you have only one site to fix and some time and luck it may be worth it. I really liked the Map2 stack before Google started messing about, but enough is enough (Google).

Google’s official line on existing map deployments, is that they will continue to work as normal until the end of the year, when they will also pull the plug on those. I guess this is in an effort to ease the shock to existing users, but their implementation of this rule seems a little sketchy. Some people that had maps deployed before the switch over to api keys by Google happened, definitely have already seen the maps fail because of lack of an api key.

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You could actually just set up one api key for all of your sites. To do this, you simply omit adding any referrers at all in that step of setting up your api key. This means your api key is a total wildcard and can be used on any site.


The referrers are there for a reason, and that reason is to protect your api key from abuse. While it’s highly unlikely that someone would use your wildcard api key, or could even know your api key was indeed a wildcard. If they took a chance and did use it, they would also be contributing toward your 25,000 page views per day limit.

After that point what happens?

Your maps just stop displaying for the rest of that day.


So do theirs, so I really can’t see why anyone would abuse your wildcard api key, should they try to.

NOTE: If you wanted to go this route with an existing api key you already setup with referrers, simply open the key again at Google, and delete all the referrers. This has the same effect as setting it up as a wildcard originally.