RW 6.4 - All my fonts just went super tiny! What to do?

I’m on RW 6.4 using the Iconic theme from Elixir Graphics and I have a good 10 years worth of content. Pages, nested pages, photo albums, stacks, and over 400 blog posts.

All of a sudden, all my fonts on every page have gone a few points smaller than they used to be. I’ve had to go into every page, select command-A, and then command++ to increase the font size back to what it should be. Pressing command+alt+period is supposed to set the font size back to the theme default, but the default now is somehow way smaller than it used to be.

Does anyone know what happened? Where do you set the global font size for content within a RW theme? I don’t think I changed anything. It seemed to happen with the last blog post that I did. It’ll take me week to manually increase the font size on every page!

I don’t think it’s a good idea to manually adjust font size on each page. You should set the size in your theme, so that it is consistent from page to page. And if you must make changes to font size and/or style, use CSS rules, which gives you more flexibility and retains consistency.

Very strange behavior. I spent hours messing around with this yesterday trying to get everything back in order. Even the backups I pulled out of Time Machine going back a month still have this same “corruption”. I noticed this morning that I never updated OS X from 10.11.4 to 10.11.5. I deleted all the cache and preference files from RapidWeaver, applied the 10.11.5 update and gave the machine a reboot.

At first glance, RW seems to be OK now. Very strange.