RW 6 Keeps Over Scaling w/Stacks

Howdy RWers…

Anyone else run into this: With RW6 and Stacks 3, All my images are overscaling.

I’ve tried tons of settings at the image level and stacks level such as:

  • Constrain Width
  • Smaller/larger sized images
  • Image size: Original, etc…

No matter what, it always scales larger. Is this specific to something I’m doing wrong? Same file works ok in RW5, but this has Stacks 2 and not 3.


There are setting in my Fluid Image stack that can cause the image to grow to the container width. You can turn that off. You can also define a max width.

Hey Joe- Good to hear from you- I’ve tried all the settings I could find in Fluid Image. What setting are you referring to that I’m probably missing. I’ve defined the max width over and over will no luck.


Hey- Just found it… I was defining the image size within image settings. But I just discovered to get to to the setting you’re talking about within the stack, you have to Select the correct setting in the pulldown: Max Scale: Define Max Width.

But, the default Max Scale is: Image Width.

This, as you’re probably guessing, begs the question: If I tell the stack to go with the image width, why is it scaling outside the image width? :wink:

Thanks. Fixed by selecting Define Max Width.

Got a URL that I can look at?