RW 6 Keeps Over Scaling w/Stacks

(Bill Hall) #1

Howdy RWers…

Anyone else run into this: With RW6 and Stacks 3, All my images are overscaling.

I’ve tried tons of settings at the image level and stacks level such as:

  • Constrain Width
  • Smaller/larger sized images
  • Image size: Original, etc…

No matter what, it always scales larger. Is this specific to something I’m doing wrong? Same file works ok in RW5, but this has Stacks 2 and not 3.


(Joe Workman) #2

There are setting in my Fluid Image stack that can cause the image to grow to the container width. You can turn that off. You can also define a max width.

(Bill Hall) #3

Hey Joe- Good to hear from you- I’ve tried all the settings I could find in Fluid Image. What setting are you referring to that I’m probably missing. I’ve defined the max width over and over will no luck.


(Bill Hall) #4

Hey- Just found it… I was defining the image size within image settings. But I just discovered to get to to the setting you’re talking about within the stack, you have to Select the correct setting in the pulldown: Max Scale: Define Max Width.

But, the default Max Scale is: Image Width.

This, as you’re probably guessing, begs the question: If I tell the stack to go with the image width, why is it scaling outside the image width? :wink:

Thanks. Fixed by selecting Define Max Width.

(Joe Workman) #5

Got a URL that I can look at?