[Source] Update 1.0.6

Firstly, if you haven’t already, please update the theme (to v1.0.1). This needs to be done manually i’m afraid.

Wouldn’t normally post about minor updates but a couple of points to note (full release notes here):


  • Option to add a border to the Container stacks (tip: if you select Custom width then you can set the border to appear on only certain sides)
  • Option to add customised border radius to images (i.e. can apply individual values to each corner)


  • Fixed an issue with how margins were being applied to the Container stacks. This may throw things off slightly in your projects so worth checking if/where you have set margins set. (e.g. the Monochrome 1 project page needs to have the left and right margins set to 0 in the Container Base stack to get things looking pretty again :slight_smile: ).


  • Made big efficiency savings in the CSS for the Container Plus stack. Totally reworked the CSS here.

If you haven’t already then do check out Source. If you have checked it out and like it then please consider leaving a like and/or review on the RW Community site.


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