Fluid Image Stack - change of behaviour?

I have just published some minor changes to one of my sites (for the first time in 9 months or so) and all of my images in Joe Workman’s Fluid Image stack have stretched to full page - highly pixelated. The fix is to define ‘maximum width’ in HUD setting: ‘Max Scale’ under ‘Image Set up’ but I’m surprised it has happened as the setting I usually use (max width = width of the image) has always worked fine. The images are all in an EC stack using Henk’s Rainbow DD theme. Can anyone shed some light?

A link to your site would surely help.

Also, RapidWeaver version, Stacks version and version of the Fluid Image stack.

I’ve fixed the problem as mentioned above - can’t leave the site published with giant pixelated images!! All up to date except still on Stacks 2 for the moment so: RW 6.3.3; Stacks 2.7.1 I believe - not sure how to confirm; and Fluid Image 2.0.8.

Bit more detail. I have for an example an image with width of 250px and then just use the HUD setting ’ image width’ in ‘Max Scale’. This always used to constrain the image to it’s original width of 250px. Now however I have to define the maximum width specifically - if not, it fills the whole page and is of course highly pixelated. OK when all images are the same but more tedious when they are variable.

Because I haven’t touched this site for a while I can’t pinpoint when things might have changed.

OK, this mighty be an issue with that setting. I had a report of it yesterday, but that person was also using warehoused images, so the max width setting there worked. I will do a check an file a bug

Hi - I’ve had a chance to play around with this in more detail and it only happens in the EC8 area of Henk’s theme (Rainbow DD). EC8 is for image or slideshow and is designed to go edge to edge - by the looks of it the only edge to edge EC area in the theme. in all other functional EC areas (some are disabled in the DD version) and in the main content area, Fluid Stack works as expected

Still not sure why it didn’t used to do it but I’m pretty sure if it is a bug it is a very specific one.

OK, very strange. We do not have that theme for testing so I will be contacting Henk about it. Will let you know.

@manofdogz I’ve tested it too with a 250px wide image in the fluid image stack in the EC8.
Actually the EC8 is intended for a browser wide image, not for small images: 250px is too small for this EC area and in preview on a desktop computer your image will be enlarged (blown-up) with the result that it gets highly pixelated.
So please use larger images, at least 1200px for this area. See the manual about the ExtraContent8 area. A small image is possible too, but than with a higher resolution, for example 300 pixels per inch.

On this page I’ve used a 1600px wide image, 72 pixels per inch.

Thanks Henk - I did originally use EC8 for edge to edge but the client changed their mind, preferring smaller images and I just stuck with the same EC8 setting. As mentioned previously the workaround is fine by defining the image width in Fluid Image HUD but point taken on EC8’s proper purpose.