RW 7.01 Images not showing in preview

(Peter Trinder) #1

On one page (Australian) of my site ( only 23 of the images are showing whereas there are over 80 or 90 on the website which I published using RW6 - I can see all the image files (thumb and actual) in a folder on the Mac. How can I store them into the RW7 page. I am using Gallery to display them.

(Peter Trinder) #2

For ‘store’ please read ‘restore’

(Peter Trinder) #3

To clarify… There are the correct images on the Web server but not showing in my Mac in the Gallery page. It seems that the link to the images has failed. I can see the images in the Finder and to try to correct the problem imported them into Images in RW

(Rob D) #4

Perhaps you’ve already fixed this, but I can see 93 images (not 23) on that page…

(Peter Trinder) #5

Rovertek - Thanks - all solved now. Don’t know why I lost the images but I went to the published site and copied the images back to the Mac and then reconstructed the page.