Losing Photos/Images

Help please!!

Why does RW keep losing my images, I can see them in the folders that RW creates to keep the data in the project file and the images are all uniquely numbered (by RW) inside the data folder for that particular page. However when I load my project and go to edit the pages these images do not show, as a previous writer has put “all I see are little blue boxes”. Also when using an image more than once on a page RW seems to store it in the data folder as many times as it has been used - is this normal

My own thoughts on a way of working would be to put all images etc, inside the resources section and then drag them into your project as you need them.

A preferred way of working would be truly useful - I look forward to hearing from you




I’ve got the same problem. RW seems to store the full path in the plist file, and if your images aren’t found in that path, that’s when the problem occurs. For me, it’s because I’m storing the sites on my Google drive. As long as I’m the only one editing them, no problem. If my wife makes changes, however, she doesn’t have the same path to the images, and then the images won’t show. I’m using the built-in Photos page, so going the ‘resources’ route doesn’t seem to work.

Still trying to find a solution other than “don’t use google drive”.