Site Images (in Stacks) Do Not Display Properly in RWC

There was a topic that I responded to that is now closed so I need to open this up. The topic was "Who is going to be upgrading to Rapidweaver Classic?"

I thought I read that a topic would be closed 30 days after the last post. I posted last week and the topic is now closed? Did I misread this process?

So I am reposting my comment because of the continuing issue I have with RWC.

I already upgraded to RWC. Initially, I had some issues with the key activation, but RWC is now activated. I went into my current website built on RW8 and saved it to RWC. I do like the preview button. This is an added bonus.

Here was my initial comment
But I found a huge issue.
I am currently using Mac OS 12.4. When I checked to see if all the images transferred over to RWC, I found that most of my “site images” show a place card for the image instead of the actual image. Not sure what is going on. The regular image stack displays the image just fine. I have hundreds of “site images,” which will take a lot of time to change to the image stack. I checked my resources and tried dragging the image to the site image stack, and it still only displayed the placeholder image. I also dragged the image from the original file on my hard drive and the same thing happened. It wasn’t until I deleted the site image stack and dragged the image stack and also the image that the image was displayed correctly. I checked for updates on the site image stack, and it was up-to-date. This is going to need to be fixed. Is anyone else having this problem?
End of initial comment

I couldn’t answer questions because the topic was closed.
I probably should have mentioned what Mac, OS, and hardware I was using:
iMac Pro
Processor: 3 GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W
Memory: 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4
Graphics: Radeon Pro Vega 64 - 16 GB

Some of the help was getting with @isaiah, but I haven’t heard anything.
Another point was to send a copy of the RW8 project (only one or two pages).
My question is - Why RW8? My site publishes fine, and there are no issues.
Here is the dilemma I have, both projects in RW8 and RWC are 3.13 GB. In December of 2021, my project went from 81 MB to 2.89 GB the next time I saved it. So this may also be an issue. I have 24 + pages in this project. There are lots of stacks!
You can see the published project at
I saved a sample of the RWC version, and two pages show as 2.8 GB. I know that something is not correct with this.
I don’t think this is the issue with the site images. The RW8 project shows fine.
I was asked to send two pages. First of all, I don’t know how to attach that 2-page project, and it is 2.8 GB, so it is too big to send. Please help!
What kind of options do I have? I don’t want to recreate the entire website that would probably take me a couple of months in my spare time.
I am also worried that I would be duplicating a lot of files on my server.

A couple of more points. I researched the last time the project was at 81 MB and then jumped into the 3 GB range. I opened the Dec 2021 project, and it was missing resources. So I am wondering if the two situations are related. I only work on RW on one computer. I have never moved it. But I have noticed that every one of my images in the Photos app is available when I click on the resources icon. I don’t ever remember this being the case in years past. I haven’t moved my Photos in iCloud either. I don’t feel I can publish my website in RWC until this is resolved. I have also noticed new screenshots on my computer come out as a PNG icon until I quit “”. Then I have to relaunch the desktop finder for the image to show up. Once I do that, it stays as an image thumbnail.

Hopefully, @isaiah will chime in here and help as we believe it’s a Stacks issue.