RW 7 doesn't allow me to create new project

I open RapidWeaver (7.4.4) and in the Welcome window click “Create a new RapidWaver project”.

In the new “Untitled” window that opens, all I see is “You look nice today! A great website…- let’s get started by adding a page to your project” and a big “Getting Started Video Series” button. (The button just opens videos in my browser, but that’s not what I want to do!)

In the window’s menu bar, all the buttons are greyed out except “+ Add” and “Projects”. In particular, the Edit button is greyed out.The “Projects” button just takes me back to the same Welcome page. And the “+ Add” button doesn’t seem what I want - it gives me all the usual choices none of which is to add a page.

The main RW menu item File > New project gives me that same window again, with the same greyed-out buttons.

What do I do now?

Actually those items in the “Add” list are pages. You choose the page type you want for your first page and select it to add your first page and start your new project.

Perhaps worth considering watching the video? You know when in doubt, RTFM, or in this case watch.


Ah! I see now. The list on the drop-down “+ Add” button is quite misleading - it offers: Stacks, Add Folder, Add Resourc, Add Plugins, Favorites, Collections, Developers, Manage Addons.

Nowhere does it even so much as hint about adding a page.

(I’ve created web sites with other tools, including Net Objects Fusion CoffeeCup, and DreamWeaver, over many years, and I have to admit that never have I encountered as opaque and unobvious an interface as that of RapidWeaver.)

Well what’s non-intuitive for some is easy peasy for others. But really, more the reason to watch the videos, don’t you think?


I’ll try again. Unfortunately:

(1) The very first view at rapid weaver/ is inconsistent with the actual RapidWeaver 7 configuration. In particular, it shows on the “+Add” drop-down menu, in order: Styled Text, Markdown, Photo Album, etc. But in RW 7 itself, there is NO Styled Text item on that drop-down menu; the first item on the actual drop-down menu is “Stacks”, which doesn’t appear at all in the same menu displayed in the video!

(2) The videos I’ve seen go MUCH, MUCH too fast! As if the presenter were trying to go as fast as possible so as to get done with it. So fast that it’s often too difficult to pause them and try something in RapidWeaver that was just shown – the video has moved way beyond the point in question. (As a university professor during of nearly 45 years, I know a little something about pacing of presentations. It’s poor here.)

It appears that the version of RW which Ben is using in the video does not have Stacks installed, which is why it wouldn’t show up (it looks like he’s going off of a ‘stock’ Rapidweaver installation). I can’t say for sure but it may be that the options you see in the drop-down represent the most common page types that you use (I only ever use Stacks, so I think that is all that shows up). You’d need to go to the ‘All Plugins’ item.

Point taken on pacing and all that other stuff.

Another resource I’d point you to, which I think are very well paced and produced are the tutorials at While you may be sick of hunting down tutorials and whatnot at this point, these are extremely useful videos, it comes with a free trial, and can even get you going on Stacks and lots of other add-ons/page types.

The very first tutorial at is for RW version 6!

I used to work with RW6 without any problem. I have just got RW7 and cannot either create a new project and get “*** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter”.
But before I converted 3 files from RW6 to RW7 and only 2 of them were perfect. The 3rd one refuses to be published.