Always be weaving!


Using RW 7, I attempt to open an existing RW7 project and this irritating “Always Be Weaving!” notification page comes up. At that point, there is no other option to proceed offered, other than to go to the Video Starter Series!

Please help me past is very unusual hurdle.


You need to add a page, no? Surely there must be the usual RW menus available at the top?

I see this screen from time to time when starting a brand new project. I just add a page and it’s gone.

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As @NeilUK points out, you just need to add your first page to get going. RapidWeaver doesn’t auto add a page because it doesn’t know what kind of page you want to start with.

Here’s where you add your page;

Honestly, I like these little splashes of personality. As a Star Trek fan, this one is my favorite:


Thanks for the quick response you guys. I now realize that I was trying to open what I thought was an established file but it appears that it was simply a placeholder file with no content. Yes. As soon as I attempt to add a page, the “Always” file disappears.

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