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first, I’m a total noob, when it comes to all this stuff, so sorry, if I don’t get any answers right the first time.

Now onto my problem:
I’ve created a podcast using the RW 7 blog page.
After I click add podcast, I can choose a file. Everything is fine. The file get’s embedded somewhere in the site, because it got uploaded.

But I can’t play it back. There’s no player. And I can’t submit the podcast to iTunes, because they can’t find me episodes.

And after I clicked “ok”, RW didn’t create a link inside the blogpost.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here’s a screenshot:

Okay. I managed to get the files to work. Deleted all entries and just tried again. Weird.

But now I’ve got a second question.
How can I embed the Audio into the blog entry? Right now it’s the generated link you can click, but iTunes won’t accept my podcast, since the episodes are empty.

Is there a way – in the RW blog page – to get the audiofiles to just play inside the blog?

Hi Stephan,
not directly. Custom HTML code would work to get a HTML5 audio player. See a reference here:

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

Thank you!
But I can’t get it to work. If I copy the code into the blog-post, it just stands there as plain text.

Do you know, btw. where the heck I have to add the category tag for iTunes? :smiley:

Do you have an example page up and running?

Wow, I’m really, really sorry, but I am like a brick.

Thank you so much for your help, that really brought me one step further.

So, the mistake was, that I c&p the source code from the page, you advised me.

After I retyped it, it works. I swear, I’m not doing this on purpose! :smiley: I really AM that stupid …

So, but iTunes still says, it can’t load the feed. And that I hace no category tag, or that it’s empty. I really don’t know, where else to throw in this category tag. This get’s really frustrating. :frowning:

Sample page:

A bit hidden:

I tried that first, but it won’t work. Or is there something wrong?
I literally put category Podcast everywhere. Or is that just th wrong category?

Great, that worked!
You are so kind. Thank you so much.

Now, only one problem remains. iTunes says, it can’t fetch the episodes. The feed. Did I do something wrong again?
I made all links relate to the page, not the root or the webadress. Is that wrong?
And I used .mp3
Or did I set the feed wrong for only allowing main-page? I tested otherwise, but it still doesn’t work.

maybe use a file name like feed.xml

If you have a public site, please share :slight_smile:

I will try naming the feed just feed.

Here the link to my site:

Changing the file name did not solve it.

PodcastConnect says, that it can’t load the episodes of the feed.

That’s the feed:

You could check it there:

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

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Feed validation passed. Ep. 0 is missing a summary, but otherwise everything is okay.

Okay. Another validation site marks, that my feed lacks byte-range support. So, that is something that’s broken on my server and I need to contact my provider?
Or can I fix that myself?

But then again. Last year I had a podcast with some friends, that we shared in a wordpress blog. The server and all was the same. But iTunes accepted that and now won’t accept this one. I just don’t get it.

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