Podcast Page Plugin: What plugins are available?

(Jeff Ali) #1

Hi, Looking for other RW designer/users with experience creating podcasts and would love to hear your experience with building a website focused on delivering info and the podcast feeds.

It’s been awhile since I have last updated RW so I’m a little behind on what’s currently available. I’m looking for a podcast page plugin, whether it be a WP type page or something else, I’m open to hearing about all options.

Currently, I have a great hosting company so hosting the podcast files is totally doable for me. I am also weighing in the options between self hosted, Libsyn or possibly even soundclound.

I really just need a page with the subscribe button and a way to link to the absolute url. I remember from the older version of RW that this was pretty simple, I think it was an RSS page, sorry, like I said, it’s been a while.

I am also open to any suggestions regarding file naming for podcast episodes. I plan to host the main domain for all the webpage, html/php, images etc. on one domain, and the actual podcasts will be on a subdomain, for example. podcast.reaktivmusic.com where reaktivmusic.com is the main site. I am going to do it this way in case down the road I were to change hosting for the podcast files or for the main site etc… My current host makes this pretty easy to do.

Thanks in advance!!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Hi Jeff,

Poster Stack allows you to create a iTunes compatible RSS feed.

I think @richardnicholls set this up already.


Cheers, Jannis

(Jeff Ali) #3

Hi Jannis, Thank you. I appreciate the info. Posterstack looks like a nice option, and I can see using some of the other features as well.

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