RW Classic license is active but renew message is preventing updates

I have RW Classic and it’s renewed until October 2024, recently went to update a project and there is a orange notification 'Updates have expired - Renew My Mac" what is this as it just wants me to spend money when i already have. Initially i thought it was expired so renewed, then noticed in history that it was active until October. I did get a refund but why is this notification there and preventing updates?

Hi @monkeyspanner,

We communicated about this on May 2nd via email that you sent in to our support desk. I provided the correct license code that you should be using in RapidWeaver Classic, along with the guide that shows how to update your license code in RapidWeaver Classic to that correct one that I provided.

Can you please check that email from May 2nd and follow along there? If you have any troubles please reply to us in that email.


i had tried that, i gave iot another go last night. I had to uninstall RW Classic and reinstall it with the code provided and that worked. Very odd why re-installing it worked.

Not sure, but glad things are working now. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you encounter any other troubles let us know.