RW does not open anymore

Suddenly I cant open RW anymore. The error message in attach appears. I have downloaded latest version and (stupid!) deleted the previous (8.4.1) I have rebooted my mac without benefit. Any suggestions?

Mac info

Without a translation, I have no idea what those screenshots say.

You can get older copies of RW here:

The translation is more or less the follow:
Unexpected shutdown of RW. To open the application again click on “reopen”. To view detailed info or to send a report to Apple click on “Report”.

Clicking on Reopen give the same result.

M any Thanks

Anyway the issue has resolved. I did a manual uninstalling following the tips on Realmac help and installed again version 8.4.1 which was upgraded to 8.5 without problems. I do not know what did happen but it’s important I can work now.
Many thanks again.

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