RW upgrade doesn't open

Hi, I downloaded and installed the latest version of RW from within RW6 yesterday & now it won’t open. The icon bounces once in the dock then nothing. I am running Mavericks on a 12"air.
No reply from Realmac guys ( but not 24 hrs yet!) but getting anxious.

You could try downloading it from their website…?

Or restart your Mac…?


Tried restarting my Mac, no joy but downloading from the site seemed to work, thanks.



Hi Janet, so you initially did a delta update then from a previous version of RW 6.x is that correct. This is, unfortunately, an issue for some users. I personally did not encounter this issue but I seem to be fortunate enough to avoid most issues encountered by people on the forums… no idea what I do differently… The fix is as you found, doing a full download from the RapidWeaver Release Notes page and copying over the .app to the applications folder (Many people run it from the downloads folder…)

Very glad you’re sorted out though due to the advice of @bitbumpy.



That’s correct, thanks for the friendly advice.

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