RapidWeaver will not open (timeout)

My Rapidweaver version 8.2.1 will not open in Mojave 10.14.6 There was a update today
HELP please

Not sure what exactly was updated today (macOS)?

But you might try downloading RW8 again. If you bought direct from realmac grab a fresh copy here:

Hi it was a update on my mac i downloaded today, i just took a new copy (RW8) and it is the same…i get a Timeout

Do you use any firewall or litlesnitch?

I might have to look into that maybe it could cause a block

I could open an old project in RW 8.0 but when I updated to RW 8.2 it didn’t work. It was an old project that was not updated. I can open the 5 Examples provided, but not my other projects. I’m on Stacks 4

  1. Can you describe with more detail what happens when you try to open the project?

    • Does it give you an error message?
    • Does it crash?
    • Does it open a blank project?
  2. You’ve updated a couple things simultaneously and that makes for some confusion. That makes diagnosing and solving the problem a lot more difficult. It might be good to backtrack and do the upgrades again one step at a time. This won’t solve the problem, of course, but might give us a better idea where to look. So try something like:

    • Revert Stacks and RW to whatever versions were working in the past.
    • You can find old versions of Stacks here: http://info.yourhead.com/stacks/
    • Now open your project and make sure it’s working as expected.
    • Make a copy/backup/zip-archive at this point to ensure you can always jump back easily to this known working setup.
    • Upgrade RW first and test opening the file. If it’s broken here, stop and send your file to realmac so they can see what’s going on and hopefully fix it.
    • Upgrade Stacks next. If it’s broken here send me the file and your addons folder (i’ll need to see what stacks you have installed to open the project).
    • Zip-archive the project file via Dropbox or whatever your favorite file sharing service is – YourHead support is here: http://yourhead.com/support
    • You can create a zip archive of your addons folder by opening the addons window and clicking the Export Addons Directory button.

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