RW Feature Request - Save state of windows/panels on RW Quit

Once things calm down from the new release and RW7 is stable, please consider this feature request:

When RW is shut down please save the state of all windows, panes, etc. so that upon next open the panels, windows, (layouts, widths, heights, etc) are as they were when closed.

Thank you Realmac for you consideration. This would save a lot of re-arranging when opening projects.


Yes, that is a big issue and I already complained about it here almost 3 weeks ago (no responses so far).

Yes, saving last used state would be mighty useful. Just a waste of time to have to reset things up every time. Didn’t need to do this in RW6. Granted it all takes less than 30 seconds, but still … why take away a perfectly good feature?

This is still unchanged for me (in RW 7.3). Very annoying - can it please be fixed if it isn’t already in 7.3.1? (I don’t want to use a beta version.)

@dan @nikf

< sigh > Still not fixed in 7.3.1 - very irritating imo < /sigh >

Hi @TimLawson. Can you email about this please? Include steps we can use to reproduce the issue, and what you’d expect to see vs what you’re actually seeing. A video would be really helpful if you can do that. Oh, and could you include a screenshot of System Preferences -> General?

Tell them I sent you, and include a link to this thread.

If you can do that, I’ll see what we can do about getting this sorted once and for all. Thanks!

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An email, steps to reproduce, a video and screenshot to convey that certain “states/conditions” should be saved on Quit? Is it April Fools day?

Sure @simon - email sent, with video, screen shot etc. all as requested. I’ll do whatever it takes to help see if this can be fixed. Thanks in advance for your help.


@TimLawson thanks Tim, received. I’ll see what we can do about getting this fixed :thumbsup:

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Rather disappointed that this situation is unchanged in version 7.4. Any reason for that @simon?

@TimLawson there have been improvements to state restoration in RapidWeaver 7.4. We’re using Apple’s own APIs for this, which don’t appear to be particularly reliable though.

It’s something we’re still working on, and you should hopefully see further improvements in future releases.

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Thanks for that, @simon. Good to know it’s still on your radar.