A Sad Reminder: Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up

Save your work.
RW 8.0.3
Working on a project, modifying a RW theme.
1.5 hours.
Finally finished.
Deleted two pages from the project.
Screen goes blank.
Error reporting pop-up: “Something went wrong.”
Re-open RW. All of the work? Gone.

Is there someway to have regular, timed backups? If you are working in the zone, you might forget to save as I did.

Losing an hour and half’s worth of work.
And hoping that I can remember the discovered solutions to several issues:

how do you add a photo to the sidebar?
how do you make that photo into a link?
how do you change the font from sans to serif? (not resolved)
etc etc etc.

cue sad face.

Time Machine

They had the “auto save” option before, I can’t remember if it was in Rw6 or an early version of RW7. It caused a lot of problems if I remember so they pulled it. So I would guess it’s not easy to code or it would have been fixed instead of being pulled.

If they want to bring it back in RW8 as long as you can toggle it off I’d be fine with it. Any apps that offers the auto save option I personally have turned off.
I have multiple backups including TimeMachine running, and over the years I developed the habit of hitting cmd+s (save) so often as I work that I find myself doing even when I’m in something like a web inspector were there’s nothing to save.

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Yes, regular, automated backups would be a good feature to add to RW. I make a daily bootable backup using SuperDuper, alternating backup disks but that obviously wouldn’t help in a case like this.

I suppose if you miss those DOS days and working in RAM where a power surge would wipe out all of your work, the absence of auto save won’t phase you. Backing up your computer daily means that you could lose a day’s work unless you hit command save early and often. Now where’s my copy of Wordperfect 4.2?

I don’t miss DOS at all (although my newsagent still runs a DOS program for his newspaper deliveries and billing) but Wordperfect was much better the MS Word.

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