RW hangs un loading stacks plugin

My system: RWC 9.2.1
MAC OS : 14.3.1

RW hangs when I try to publish my site. Message is “Loading stacks plugin”… nothing happens. Is there any solution / workaround? I need to publish my page…

Greets from Germany

Hi @mgamer,

Does this message appear when you open your project file, or when you publish it?


Hi @Heroic_Nonsense, thanks for the reply. The message appeared when trying to publish the site. This I could fix in the meantime, and the stacks are loaded, but I was still unable to publish. The problem is a page that I could not load or see, when I navigate to this page (inside RW) RW hangs. so my “workaround” is that I deleted the page.
No I can publish again, but have no access to this page… strange.