RW hangs every time I try to publish

I’m using Mojave and RW 8.03 with stacks. Every time I try to save or publish it hangs and I have to force quit. I thought maybe I was not patient enough and let it go for hours - but I still had to force quit.

Have you tried saving after starting with a new project file?
If that works O.K. then you might try “save as” with the other file.

Starting with a brand new file, it saved okay. Trying to save the original using “save as” didn’t work - I just got the colorful revolving circle

Sounds like maybe the project file maybe damaged. Do you have a backup (timemachine)?

Thanks - that’s what I decided. I did have a backup, but the site needed some major updating, so I started over. It’s working fine with a new project.

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