RW 7.04 Hangs - Force Quit Required

RW 7.04 hangs up when I try to publish, whether it is 1 change or several.
Also hangs up when I have made changes and try to Save.
Also when I try Health Check and try hit Enable in 1 of the suggestions.
After Hanging, I have to Force Quit RW.
Tried Restarting Mac Book Pro, issue remains.
Worked fine yesterday.
Using OS 10.11.6
Any ideas? Something easy I assume.


You may be able to eliminate what could be causing the hang by incrementally introducing elements into a blank/fresh/new project.

IOW start a new Project. Do you get the hang?
Add a page. Do you get the hang?
Add another Do you get the hang?

At some point you’re likely to add an element (a Stack, an inmate or another resource) that’s causing the hang.

If that’s not the case, then it suggests there’s something else underlying in your installation. Good luck!