RW pages or blog for 30-day journal assignment?

Hi folks. I’m a history professor and I’m trying a new class assignment this fall: a 30-day, handwritten journal, to teach my students about primary sources. I need something like a blog to provide a daily writing prompt and a daily example from famous diaries. I would prefer that each numbered day be a separate page, accessible from a table of contents list, rather than being continuously added to previous dates as in typical blogs. I’d like to be able to set these up in advance to load on specific dates, and then reset the same 30 days for new dates next semester. (It will be a repeating project each semester, so I need to be able to reset and reload the same 30 days.) I’d like to have a comment feature so students can discuss the prompts and examples in a public forum, while keep their writing private. In addition to my students, some other faculty and administrators, and some colleagues and friends from outside the university, also plan to do the journal, so I need accessibility beyond our course management site.

I’m not sure if a blog of some kind of web page setup is best for this. I’ve done a couple of sites in RW and a basic blog in WordPress. I don’t particularly need live editing, so Armadillo or RW/Writer might be overkill (and $). looks great, but pricy for a small-college teacher who just wants a spiffy-looking assignment. The Thoughts blog theme seems nicely suited for this (, but would live in a RW site, yes? And again, costs extra.

Any suggestions on the best platform for this kind of a project?

MicroBlog from stacks4stackso you can use a free Tumblr account?

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