Beginner's question-- RW doesn't export index.html or index.php

Hi everyone,

Forgive a beginner’s question. My website shows up as an index: “Index of /” and I realize that RW hasn’t been creating an index.html or index.php file upon export.

I read a previous thread here:

But that was not helpful. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you all very much in advance!

Have you checked Inspector > General settings of all your pages… to see if you’ve accidentally renamed the index file or put the index file in a folder?

Try exporting your site instead of uploading… then you can easily check your exported files.

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Does it look like the rest of your site is there? You should see any other pages show up as a directory on that list with a name that matches the folder named on the page inspector.
Is this the first time you have published? You might want to check on your host company, most have a file manager that you can check out what published.

Thanks for your help everyone!

I copied home.html and renamed it to index.html. That seemed to do the trick… but I’m still not sure if that means I am doing something wrong.

The file name should always be index.html or index.php for all pages if you’ve using tidy links the default.
On other pages, you can name the folder to something meaningful but not The file name.


Here’s a reading list regarding that topic:


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