RW repeatedly republishing tons of files after update

After the latest round of updates, a strange thing is happening: Every few times (2-4, usually) I publish, RW republishes between 500 and 600 files, even if I’ve only made small changes. The filenames zip by really fast, but most are meaningless to me; the ones I can recognize at a glance are language files like Mongolian, French, etc. I hadn’t worked on my site in awhile so don’t know when the updates actually dropped, but I was notified late last week and updated immediately. This has definitely never happened before, and I’m curious if it can be avoided? It takes several minutes each time that I’d love not to lose watching progress bars.

I had experienced something like this years ago. I think it was due to one or two stacks. My solution: not to use those stacks. I don’t remember the stacks, and I don’t think they would be relevant to your case.

… but I doubt all of this is due to general changes: Mac OS, RW, Stacks. So what stacks have you updated or added lately? You might want to first start by elminating those “new and updated” stacks one by one with several publishes to see if you can identify the offending stack. Once you know which stack is causing the problem I’m sure the developer will work hard to correct the situation.

It’s always possible this is caused by something else: either in your design, or Mac OS, or RW, or Stacks. But this problem has not been reported by others so I’m guessing it’s something like a specific stack that is triggering this behavior.

I hope you get it resolved soon. But I’ve certainly not had the experience you describe recently.

One more thought: I suppose a change in Mac, RW, or Stacks could create a situation where a very old stack is no longer behaving as it should. So maybe that’s the other end to look at: are you using any outdated stacks? If this is the case you’ll need to delete the stack and adjust your design: this is a sign the developer is no longer active, or no longer actively maintaining a specific stack.

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That’s the thing, Mathew… it’s been several weeks since I last got a new stack, and this problem only occurred after what I recall as both a RW and a Stacks update last week. I’m at a loss. As for outdated stacks, I only decided to go with RW in mid-December, so every single stack I have is less than 5 months old.

@SteveMouzon Hmm … that is unusual. I’m tagging @isaiah so he can help you out. If you are new to stacks are there any common stacks you are using … Foundry, Foundation, other things?

Also it depends on what you mean by “small changes”. Sometimes folks add a page with some simple text and are confused as to why so many files need to upload. In that scenario it’s because the menu structure has now been changed. And since there’s a menu on each page every page thus gets published. That’s the most common reason for lots of files being published after a small change.

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