RW malfunctioned with Stacks3!

Hi there, here you are the shames problems with new release:

  • stack3 really hard to work on and hard instability, my MacBookPro crashed many times…It’s impossible to use it!
  • now every renew of a website, make a upload of 600/700 or 800 files…Why???
  • i want to return to stack2…how can i do?

Last, this is a bad way to develop an authoring for payer customers!! Change your way to work!



Many of us are also experiencing the multiple file upload phenomenon that you mention; we don’t think it has anything to do with Stacks 3.

Stacks 3 is extremely well-written and causing instability problems for virtually no-one (here).

I say this - with due respect and kindness - in order to help you (re)direct your troubleshooting efforts to the most likely real causes.

Have yu contacted RealMac? Are there other crashes/problems on your Mac, with RW?

Stacks 3 is different to be sure; but it does have great documentation to help you get the most from it. Good luck!