RW / Safari / Chrome issue on Strata

I have a site that uses the theme “Strata”.
I have a problem with my iMac which I use RW.
The website menu no longer works.
Yet on my Macbook, I have no problem.

On my iMac, in the error console, the following message appears:

Failed to load resource: Net :: ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE Failed to load resource:

javascript.js v = 487348522: 2 Uncaught TypeError: Can not read property ‘fn’ of undefined (…)

Yet this error appears only on my imac and RW.

Does anyone see where is the problem and how to solve it?

That is a Nick Cates Design theme and Nick updated Strata to version 1.2.7 yesterday. I have a site using this and with RW7.1.4 the menu system is fine on Macbook Air and MacMini. Sounds like a Javascript issue on your iMac. It might help someone else to nail this problem, if you could tell us more about your iMac and what version of RW you are using.