RW Simulator window lies

when comparing it to my iPhone i.e. i a gallery with 5 pics (5 columns) across on my mac, in portrait mode on the iPhone its 1 column, which matches the simulator, in landscape mode on the iPhone its still 1 column, bigger framed pics, on the simulator it shows 5 column???

Better to export to safari or firefox to see what your page looks like. Plus some stacks can set different column settings for phone tablet or desktop. I recommend looking for videos on youtube or the sites of the developers.

Cheers Marty

thanks will do

I think that when they designed the preview window it was billed more as a helpful guess as to what a published page will look like rather than an actual truth.

It works really well when you are trying out sliders and adjustment settings for stuff like padding and margin. Just slide the slider back and forth so ou can see what it does.

Here is a gook link on about a device lab where they figure out the best settings for the most common phones and such.

Simulator window was fixed in 8.1 ensure you are up to date

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