Layout issue in Future Theme in RW8

Hi all. I’m working with the Future theme and something odd keeps happening. My home page has a 4-column stack above the footer with 4 images across on an 1100px-wide content width.

In edit mode, it’s clear to see the four images side by side, but at times the images in preview show u much bigger and stacked one atop the other. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Thank you!

What do you have set for the Responsive settings for the 4 column stack?

Hi Don!

I haven’t touched any parameters in that area.This is what they’re set at

Those settings control what happens to the columns at various device (screen) widths. It’s set to stack all 4 columns in a single column on mobile-sized devices and to place it into 2 columns on table-sized devices. Desktop and above get 4 columns.

It looks like your window is wide enough that it should have kept 4 columns or stacked to 2 columns, which is why I wanted to check the settings. It’s hard to troubleshoot that via screenshots. Play around with the Simulator in RW and see if it displays correctly in those.

Ok I’ll check it out. Funny thing is that it displayed properly when I first asserted the stack and remained ok for most of the time, and then as I switched back to that page, the images switched layout…really strange. And I’m working on a 27" iMac

Maybe it was just a layout rendering bug. You can try restarting RW. You can also try the Preview Page in Safari from the File menu.

That’s what I’m hoping. I’ll keep you posted. Just tried the Safari preview and it rendered properly. I’ll recheck it tomorrow when I restart RW.
Thanks so much for your further assistance :smiley:

Hi Don. I’m still getting that weird bug regarding alignment of my columns. I created another page with five columns and sometimes will display as designed, then on its own will display with the columns scrunched over (see pics). Same issue as above with my home page images - sometimes ok, then suddenly not.
Also, the drop-down menu shows ok in the RW app locally, but when I preview in Safari the links disappear and only show when the mouse hovers over each one (see pics). I hope these issues are temporary - I’ve already worked on this theme enough to like it and I wouldn’t want to lose all my work and have to switch to another theme. Any thoughts from anyone would be helpful :slight_smile:

Uploading: Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.49.44 PM.png…

Oh, and the Responsive buttons are checked only for iPhone and iPad, the iMac icon isn’t selected for column alignment modification.

It sounds like there may be a rendering bug in RW affecting preview. You’ll likely have to ask Realmac to look at that.

The Safari link color issue may be caused by it caching older CSS in it’s cache. I’d enable the Developer menu in Safari and clear the caches from it. You can also preview it in another web browser as see what the link look like there.

Don, I sent the quirk samples to RealMac and someone is looking into it - they think it might be a CSS issue. Meanwhile, I’ve switched to the Voyager theme from RW&, I prefer this site style over Future but the issue persists; hopefully they’ll figure it out.

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