RW5.3 Blog using Microblog stopped working

In recent times my blog page which was working fine, now produces this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function xpath() on a non-object in /home/ursasoft/public_html/blog/index.php on line 126

Calling the tumblr API does get a screen full of XML but I think it may be invalid.
Anyone else have a similar problem?

According to @willwood on this post

Microblog does not use the API Keys, so it should not be that causing your issue, but he would be better to answer this. I would contact him.

Im wondering if its a PHP version issue.
I have two sites… the code works on one of them (1&1 hosted) but not on another (Siteground hosted)
Not sure how to check the versioning

It IS a PHP version issue. Siteground was using PHP 5.6
When I set the version for that folder to use 7.x, it works as expected.
Odd, because Im sure when I started using the code, it was PHP 5.5

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