Help with MicroBlog tumblr stack and my strata theme not working right

(rachel ortlieb) #1

So I just added the microblog stack and for some reason none of my theme (strata, nick cates) settings are working. no banner, no menu button in the top right, navigation sidebar shows gray border lines that normally are not there. no footer… weird. any ideas? Thankfully this is a test run.

(Rob Beattie) #2

Try re-publishing the page? I’ve just put Microblog into a Strata dummy page here and it previews fine.

(Will Woodgate) #3

Your blog page is working perfectly at this end.

(rachel ortlieb) #4

Yes, but thats the only part thats working. for some reason the rest of my page isnt. I use strata on 3 of my websites and have never had this issue. the only difference is microblog, my first time using it. and i have tried changing the banner and republishing but it still doesnt come up. like i said the menu button on top isnt there, the bottom footer with copyright & email isnt there, the social icons in the banner are missing. its all very weird.
It looks fine in preview.

(Will Woodgate) #5

What you see in RW preview should be identical to your published website. If there was an incomaptbility, then you would be seeing it in preview too. And as @robbeattie said above, MicroBlog and Stata were working perfectly for him. There are no errors in your published page. I largely suspect this to be a publishing problem; for some reason your most recent changes did not publish from RapidWeaver. Try a full republish and clear your browser cache.

(rachel ortlieb) #6

Ok, i just republished ALL pages and checked multiple browsers and still missing all of the above. any other ideas?

I also just duplicated another page (about us) to make a new page “blog” and then edited the text and added microblog without changing any other theme settings and it happened again. ugh.

(Rob Beattie) #7

Something weird here. I’ve just switched themes for one of my test sites to Strata, added a new Stacks page, added Microblog, changed nothing and published. Everything appears as it should -


(rachel ortlieb) #8

So I updated my Strata theme and now im getting Tumblr Pro stack to work now but still have issue with MicroBlog. Nick Cates is working on it now, I think.

(rachel ortlieb) #9

Hi Will, Nick Cates says this is a server Php issue. what version of php should i be using with microblog? Im currently on 5.6 (which isnt working right) and when i switch to 7.0 or 7.1 the page just returns as an error. Thanks!

(Will Woodgate) #10

5.6 or 7.x should work fine. Have your host check the error logs and make sure things like short tags are enabled.

(system) #11

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