RW7.0.2 maxing out processor

RW7 running at a constant 93-100% with only a couple of pages. The current page is using Foundations and a few Font Awesome stacks. Other page(s) are blank.

2011 Mac Mini with 8GB.



RW shows using 100% of CPU but system is 68% idle. Computer is running normally. Just RW7.0.2 is very laggy at the 100%.

I have some larger pages now and getting a lot of spinning beach ball time these days. That said it allows me time for coffee.

Cancelled comment - my bad

I am curious about this because I see regular spinning ball with Rapidweaver when opening a project or switching between edit and preview using Foundation. It was like this in RW6 and RW7 is no better.

It would be useful to know how many processors RW makes use of because in some cases I have seen that figure rise to almost 1600% and everything runs fine without any slowdown or spinning ball. In other words 100% of all 16 processors.

At the moment RW is sat here while I am typing this using 0.0% of cpu. I just switched to another page and it shot up to 100%, which then induced spinning ball for several seconds.

These are small html pages weighing no more than 1mb including images and there is no way we should be seeing the computer stressed like that. It’s true my computer is now 6 years old but it’s a Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram that still handles complex tasks on big files in Photoshop without blinking.

It would be good to hear from Realmac here but is this a case of Rapidweaver only making use of a single processor and falling over with a minimal load? If it’s not that I’m guessing some element in Foundation or Stacks is under pressure. I used to work with Freeway on an ancient G4 400Mhz without any spinning ball or undue stress so this is just not right.


Previewing new page with spinning ball:

Just as an example this is a screenshot of the activity monitor when exporting a few minutes of 1080HD video using Screenflow 4.5. It’s running at over 800% of cpu with no spinning ball or delays. Look at the bottom and you’ll see that 42% is still idle.