RW8 getting unusably slow

RW8 was fine at first but it seems to be getting slower and slower. At the moment my CPU usage jumps to 300-400% when RW8 launches. Even sucking up all my cycles it still takes over a minute to update the Simulator. Sometimes simply clicking to select an element in edit view takes up to a minute before it registers. This is now becoming unusable. I thought it might be something to do with my project file but even when I close the file and RW has no windows open it still takes 300-400% of my CPU. What gives?

I’m not seeing this happening on my Mac. Simulator launches within a few seconds and RapidWeaver 8 launches (no project open) again within a few seconds.
I’m not at my Mac right now so I can’t give you cpu percentages, but will check later.

I’ve always been amazed at how RW works “great” for some (no crashes and fast) and “no so great” for others (some crashes and/or slow).

RW8 speed has be great for me. Previews (renders) are fast and Simulator are fast. Launches are no worse than most other apps.

I don’t know what the difference is… hardware? helper-apps running in background? Themes, page types, stacks used in RW??? Open ended question…

Do you see this poor performance with project size, page complexity, etc, etc, … ??? How about new blank project? Slow?

Here’s screen grab of my CPU about ten seconds after launching RW8. No files open at all.

Yes I have seen good performance such as you describe — just not recently!

How big is your file - is there something huge in there that shouldn’t be ?


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I just tried a few things then ended up simply leaving RW with the file open, red-lining the CPU while I went off to read the paper … and after half an hour it has actually calmed right down. It is as if there had been a background process that it needed to do – I have no ideas what it can have been especially as it seemed to be doing whatever it was even with no files open at all. So, fingers crossed that the issue has sorted itself out. But I would dearly love to know what could have been behind it!

Yep, exactly… You should be fine now

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