RW7 and current Themes

Hi, I have couple of questions regarding Themes:

  1. Will Lode and Laxis Themes from Multithemes would work fine with RW7?
  2. What is the best Theme to use if you want to use In Motion Stack from MICHAEL DAVID?
  3. Can the menu bar in Affinity Theme be placed under the logo just above the slide images?


hi @monica, yes, both themes will run smoothly on RW7

Perfect, glad to hear that. Thank you!

Hi Monica,

  1. I’m sure that they will work with RW7. I have worked now for many weeks with RW7(beta) and didn’t experience any issues with any theme.
  2. Hm, maybe “Kinfolk” from Michael David Design? :wink:
    But this stack should theoretically work with any theme. Either by placing it at the top of all Stacks content or by using Extra Content areas. But that differs from theme to theme…
  3. I would say “no”. At least it won’t be easy, since this would have to be hard-coded into the theme by changing the html-template inside the theme. If you absolutely want the menu bar to be positioned this way I would suggest looking for another theme or simply use a free-layout theme like Foundation, Freestack, Bootsnap, UIkit etc…

Hope this helps.
Best, Matthias

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Thanks Matthias for your answers, yes I saw “Kinfolk” and I like it, but did not want to purchase it, maybe I should :slight_smile:
Also thanks for no. 3 tip!

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