RW7 Drag and drop Pages?

I have two websites. Is it ok to drag pages from one website to another?

Yes. It is. I’ve done it a lot. At least I’ve done it with RW6, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

If you’re nervous, just create two projects with a page in each and then drag one to the other and see what happens. :sunglasses:

Yes you can do this. Just be careful if you are dragging across a home page if one exists already because one and only one can be designated, otherwise it behaves really strangely.

Thanks guys-I did give it try and it look ok but just wanted to be sure-its really saved me a lot of work!

I do that a lot and never had a problem. I only wish you could drag and drop an entire folder (parent with all child pages) at one time instead of just the individual pages.