Copy page from 7 to 8

Can anyone help?

I have upgraded to Rapidweaver 8 but need a few pages from a project that I have in Rapidweaver 7. Is there any way that I can copy/paste pages from 7 to 8?


Not sure if this works, but have both apps open and drag a page from the RW 7 project into the RW 8 project. I thought that use to work, but I could be wrong…

If what @zeebe said doesn’t work, why not just open the old RW7 project with RW8? It will convert it to a RW8 project. You then should be able to copy the pages as said above.

No, this does not work but thanks for trying.

The pages I want are from a large project and I only want a couple of pages. Converting the lot then deleting etc. will be a bit of a drag plus, I did try opening the Rapidweaver 7 project in Rapidweaver 8 and 8 just crashed.

In RW7, create a new project, copy the few pages you want to transfer into it. Open that temporary project in RW8 and then transfer the pages. Not ideal, but may get you going pretty quickly.


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