Multiple Websites with RapidWeaver?

Hi All. I’m totally new here and wanting to know if RapidWeaver will allow me to design/maintain multiple websites from the same license similar to the former M$ FrontPage 2002?

That is, I want to open RapidWeaver, add or select a former project (website/domain) add a page and/or adjust pages and content, then publish accordingly to the respective site, then either finish for another session or close that project/website, open another make the respective design changes or updates, publish, then close, etc. until I have finished all my design and/or update work on various respective web/domains and close RapidWeaver.

If, RapidWeaver is not the software web development app that will do this, can someone point me to the right app that is easy like FrontPage 2002 was, and thus isn’t overly complicated?

Thanks in advance to all who respond. :slight_smile:

If you’re asking if there are any limits to the number of websites/domains you can publish, there are no limits. You can create/edit as many projects as you like under the licence.

You can also have multiple projects open at the same time. Just make sure to save your work before closing the project and always keep a backup of your projects.


Awesome. Thank you @NeilUK I really appreciate your response and you are spot on with what I sought with the post. Thanks you so much. If there was a rating system herein, I’d give ya a 5* cuz that’s the answer I was hoping for. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


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