RW7 & Theme Support for Banners

This new functionality is excellent but unfortunately I can’t find a single Theme (other than the new RW7 themes).

Is it just me or will theme developers be updating their themes in the 'short to medium, timescales

Voyager Pro uses them. An excellent upgrade to the stock Voyager theme.

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This feature locks a theme into being for RW 7 and above only. What I think you’ll see is that new themes come with this new functionality going forward.

All ThemeFlood themes were updated last month with support for RW7 banners and other features:

Both the free and paid theme designs have been updated.


@willwood OK it was a bit of me and a bit RW7. I have discovered that your Theme(s) must started be with the “Preference” set to Volcano (for example - BEFORE - commencing a New Site. I normally did not do this under 6 - just selected my Theme in the Inspector. So all your sites are ,as you say, set to support GLOBAL Banners, as indeed are other themes from other developers.

@willwood do you have a live demo of Tornado?

@willwood None of these has shown up in Waterfall. There is just a notice saying ‘Remote version information not available.’

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@kpryce1 Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about. "must started be with the “Preference”". My implementation of RapidWeaver 7 banners correlates to the documentation Realmac published some months back in the API, which I’ve followed:

The only difference is that I decided to continue supporting both RapidWeaver 5 and RapidWeaver 6 in my themes (at the request of theme users). To prevent the obvious problem of %banner_path% and other RW7 code showing in older version of RapidWeaver, I instead load the banner SRC and ALT attribute as HTML5 data attributes, and then use some ‘if else if’ statements to detect what version of RapidWeaver is being used and swap in the RapidWeaver banner, if version 7 is being used and a banner image is found. This means all existing banner methods are still relevant and can continue to be used. But most importantly, RapidWeaver 7 users can leverage the new banner options available, if they choose to.

@garyp From the Tornado product page, as with all my free and paid RapidWeaver theme designs:

Simply click the preview image or the link in the sidebar.

@peterdanckwerts All the themes I have installed in RapidWeaver 7 are able to connect with the appcast server and are showing with a green tick as being the latest version available. Nothing has changed in the handling of theme updates between RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 7.

Make sure you have the latest version of Waterfall installed on your computer. I’m pretty certain Jonathan has released at least one Waterfall update exclusively for improved RapidWeaver 7 support.

Only 2 other people have reported update issues to me in the past few days. One was because they were using a pre-Waterfall version of the theme that lacked the required Meta data to allow for update checking. The other was because they’d moved their RapidWeaver addons folder incorrectly, and Waterfall could no longer read the theme information to check for updates.

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Hi @kpryce1
I’ve updated almost all themes with the banner image option.

well done!

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@willwood Sorry I have not made myself clear. The upgrade to RW 7 carried across my Preference settings from RW6, with the default theme set to “Foundation”. So - I created a new test site for RW7 and chose my theme as Volcano using the Inspector (I’ve always done this). I then attempted to set a Banner in General Settings - the response was that the Banner was not supported in your themes (I tried them all).
I then changed my preference to Volcano and started a New Site. All of your themes worked - providing the Theme in question had been set to one of your Themes in General Site Settings.
OK - so no problem except a change by me in the workflow.

This might be something to provide feedback about to Realmac. I know that theme selection has changed in RW7 - there were some issues which I helped consult with Realmac about during the Beta period and the options for selecting or applying themes should hopefully be less confusing now. But the banner box might not show on pages that have the ‘master style’ disabled and are applied to an older version of the theme.

@willwood I’ve checked and I have the latest version (as far as I can see) of Waterfall (1. 2. 0) and the Media and Composition themes still say that ‘Remote version information not available.’ Waterfall is working with, e.g., Foundation, BootSnap and UIKit.

@willwood Its no big deal, now I know how to use it as desigened. All your Themes support banners - but as I’ve used other options by you & stacks Partials am now spoiled for choice.