RW7 upgrade gone wrong - can anyone help please

Hi there,

finally have a bit of down time and upgraded everything included the acclaim theme.

I have done a few updates to the site and went to upload without testing (i know!!) and the site just hangs is where I am having problems

Also when exporting is says performing non optimised export - but it gives me no ideas how I could optimise them?? Health check is fine

Any things I should do to see where the problems is, I would be very greatful



Hi Russel,

please check your JavaScript coding there, this has wrong ’ and " characters (aka smart quotes).

var menuBottom = "<a class='mmenu-social fa fa-envelope' href=‘#’></a>" + 
"<a class='mmenu-social fa fa-twitter' href=‘#’></a>"
"<a class='mmenu-social fa fa-facebook' href=‘

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

Thanks for that, thought that had all been deleted, anyway its gone now, but still the same issue on the homepage?

Managed to get the RW6 site back up and running, so think I will be sticking with that for a while. Shame, thought the publishing worked well.

However it appears swapping over from one to another isn’t as easy as they make out

I have seen additional JS errors in the theme. So I don’t think it is a RW issue.

I think it is something to do with the theme. Although I did update it to the latest version. Have sent the developer a mail so see what they say